Thanks for attending the 2015 AASHTO Subcommittee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control Conference

April 26 - 30, 2015 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Presentations are below.


AASHTO Demographic Data.pdf

AASHTOWare ROW Outdoor Advertising Control Software Developed by DOTs for DOTS-TX-presented by Molina, Anthony.pdf

Advanced ODA Topic Discussion-Consultant Services Inc-presented by Johnson, Clyde.pdf

Alternative Delivery Methods rev2015-GA-presented by Byers, Troy.pdf

Appraisal of Temporary and Permanent Easements-GA-presented by Byers,Troy.pdf

Best Practices Conveyance Approval Process-MN-presented by Bailey, Jennie.pdf

Best Practices of Disposal Processes-FL-presented by Jeffers, Joseph.pdf

Cost Recovery and Revenue Neutral Programs-Panelists are Keith Melvin SC, Wendy Knox TX, and Brooks Glasnapp IA REVISED.pdf

Demolition Oregon ROW-OR-presented by Hall.pdf

Directional Drilling-SC-presented by Attaway, Mark.pdf

FHWA Local Project Peer Exchange-FHWA GA-presented by Price, Neosha.pdf

Form-ROW-SWP-1 Lease ApplicationFinal (2).pdf

Fracking Industry and Saltwater Pipeline in the Odessa District-TX-presented by Law and Holland.pdf

Getting the Best Long-Term Use of Utility Data-Cardno-presented by Anspach, Pitchford.pdf

Horizontal Directional Drilling-Mears Group-presented by Halderman, Ron.pdf

Implementing Utilities in Construction Contracts-MA-presented by Rezendes, Guy.pdf

Inspection and Oversight of Utility Work within Hwy ROW-DE-presented by Cimo, Eric.pdf

Inspection and Oversight of Utility Work Within Hwy ROW-GA-presented by Upkins, Lee.pdf

Jennifer McCleeve Notes for AASHTO Technical Council Presentation.pdf

LambertAASHTO -Kelo et al.pdf

MN Regulatory Changes Post Kelo-MN-presented by Lambert.pdf

Out of the Box Compliance and Pre-Hearing Resolutions-SC-presented by Johnson, Melvin.pdf

Outdoor Advertising Case Law Update-MN-presented by White, Kristin.pdf

Outdoor Advertising Case Law Update-SC-presented by Wessinger, Barbara.pdf

Property Management Income Generation-OR-presented by Stone, Mike.pdf

Property Mngmt Best Practices of Disposal Processes-Jeffers.pdf

Proposed Final Rule for Disposal of Real Property Interests 23 CFR Part 710-FHWA Realty-presented by Millard, Melani.pdf

Prosperity Equals Problems Whats New in Oil Country-ND-presented by Knox, Michael.pdf

Relocation Appeals Process-WI-presented by Walbrun, Kassandra.pdf

Relocation Appeals Process-WV-presented by Moran, Mike.pdf

Right of Way Demolition V Hwy Contractor-TN-presented by Hoge, Jeff.pdf

Risk Analysis and Mitigation a New Beginning-HDR Engineering-presented by McNamara, Shannon.pdf

Scenic America NAHBA-Scenic America-presented by Tracy, Mary.pdf

Scope of Work-TN-presented by Turner, Rhett.pdf Billboard Picture.pdf

St. Croix Crossing Project-MN-presented by Anderson,Clarkowski.pdf

Transformation from Re-Active to Pro-Active Disposal Model-GA-presented by Copeland, Phil.pdf

US 41 US 41 Corridor Utility Coordination-WI and Becher Hoppe-presented by Kowal, Pawelczyk and McDonald.pdf

USPAP-SRF-presented by Britton, Marla.pdf

Utah Waiver Pilot Program Update-UT-presented by McMillan, Lyle.pdf

Utility Coordination on Mega Projects-Parsons Transportation Group and IN-presented by Shell and Franklin.pdf

Utility Project Scoping and Coordination Technical Council-KY-presented by Ditty, McCleve.pdf

Welcome to Minnesota.pdf

What and Who Determines Appraiser is Qualified in Our Program-FHWA Real Estate MD-presented by Jones, Mike.pdf

Wisconsin Demolition Process-WI-presented by Krause, Mark.pdf