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SCOH Strategy 4-4 Guidelines and Best Pr​​​actices Report has been approved by AASHTO.

The report, "American Association of Sate Highway and Transportation Officials, Standing Committee on Highways, Strategic Plan 4-4, Right of Way and Utilities Guidelines and Best Practices, Jan. 2004"
can be ordered by mail by sending a request to:

444 N. Capitol Street, NW
Suite 249
Washington, D.C. 20090-6716.

The report can be ordered by sending a request to the attention of Andrea Ryan by FAX to: (202) 624-5806. Her telephone number is (202) 624-5804.

The Standing Committee on Highways (SCOH) assigned the Highway Subcommittee on Right of Way and Utilities the responsibility to develop Strategy 4-4 for the SCOH Strategic Plan. Strategy 4-4 states: "Develop and advocate guidelines and best practices to assure timely procurement, clearance of right of way and adjustment of utilities. The Subcommittee unanimously had approved and adopted the Right of Way portion of this report May 5, 2003. The Utilities portion of the report was later approved by the Subcommittee on January 6, 2004.