Thanks for attending the 2014 AASHTO Subcommittee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control Conference

April 27 - May 1, 2014 Salt Lake City, UT.

Presentations are below. You may also access these and meeting pictures on Google Drive.


3D Utility Survey Pilot Project Program - Presented by Norman Pawelczyk.pdf

AASHTO Update and Priorities - Presented by King Gee.pdf

Abandoned Facility Management - Presented by James Anspach.pdf

Accommodating Broadband Infrastructure on Hwy ROW - Presented by Andy Spurgeon.pdf

Accommodating Broadband Infrastructure on Hwy ROW_ The Utah Model - Presented by Lynne Yocom.pdf

Accreditation and Licensing Research - Presented by Mark Rieck.pdf

Alternative Acquisition and Delivery Methods - Presented by Dave Leighow.pdf

A-Typical Relocation Challenges - Presented by Lisa Harrison.pdf

Conflict Avoidance and Alternatives_Avoiding Conflicts w. Utility Relocations - Presentd by Terra Technologies.pdf

Consultant Utilization for Appraisal and Valuation Services - Presented by Phil Copeland.pdf

Dallas County Detention Center - Presented by Robert Harwood.pdf

Database and Management Systems_REALMS and REALMS GIS - Presented by Joseph Pignato.pdf

Databases and Management Systems - Presented by Shirleen Hancock.pdf

Early Acquisitions Associated with The I-10 Expansion Study - Presented by Paula Gibson and Dave Edwards.pdf


FHWA Headquarters Update - Presented by Virgil Pridemore.pdf

FHWA Research Study_Reverse Mortgages in Relocation Assistance - Presented by Lisa Barnes.pdf

FHWA Resource Center and Headquarters Training.pdf

FHWA's 2014 Excellence in ROW Awards - Presented by Arnold Feldman.pdf

FHWA's 2014 Excellence in Utility Awards - Presented by Ken Leuderalbert.pdf

How and Why Do We Make Revisions to State and Federal Agreements - Presented by Clyde Johnson.pdf

How and Why Do We Make Revisions to State and Federal Agreements - Presented by Wendy Knox.pdf

Next Generation Utilities _3D Modeling - Presented by Cesar Quiroga.pdf

One Call_The Good, Bad, and Ugly - Presented by David Cole.pdf 

Optimizing Multi-Use Leadership in the 21st Century - Presented by Doug Nielsen.pdf

Process to Maintain an Approved Appraiser List - Presented by Dave Holland.pdf

Real Estate Inventory and GIS Database - Presented by Hubert Graves.pdf

Regulation of Nonconforming Signs - Presented by Clyde Johnson.pdf

ROW Acquisition Using a CMGC Contracting Approach - Presented by Ed Rock.pdf

ROW Acquisition Using a CMGC Contracting Delivery Approach.pdf

ROW Consultant Process - Presented by Dean Loy.pdf

ROW Consultant Services - Presented by John Eckhardt.pdf

Scenic America_1965 Hwy Beautification Act - Presented by Margaret Lloyd.pdf

Staff Recruitment and Retention.pdf

Staffing Strategies_Hybrid Centralized and De-Centralized - Presented by Phil Copeland.pdf

Sustainability - Presented by Gary Young.pdf

TDOT Implementation of Senate Bill 514_Permian Basin Experience - Presented by Gary Lay.pdf

TDOT ROW Alignment - Presented by John Campbell.pdf

The Anatomy of Utility Coordination - Presented by Scott Riddle.pdf

Training Opportunities - Presented by Dave Leighow.pdf

Transforming from Reactive to Proactive Programs - Presented by James Olschewski and Kimberly O'Reilly.pdf

Transforming from Reactive to Proactive Sales of Surplus Property - Presented by Jim Spalla.pdf

UDOT Strategic Goals and Emphasis Areas- Presented by Shane Marshall.pdf

UDOT Utility and Railroad Coordination w. Consultant Utilization.pdf

UDOT Utility Management and Innovative Contracting Strategy - Presented by Philip Meis.pdf

Unique Relocations_Mobile Home Parks.pdf

Updates on Utility and ROW Research - Presented by Cesar Quiroga.pdf

Utility Accommodation During Bridge Reconstruction - Presented by American U-Tel.pdf

Utility Accommodation During Bridge Reconstruction_Hold In Place In Lieu of Relocation - Presented by American U-Tel.pdf

Utility Environmental Impacts - Presented by Tom Bane.pdf

Utility Relocation Costs - Presented by Todd Jones.pdf

What Does Commercial and Industrial Mean to NAHBA Today - Presented by Clyde Johnson.pdf

Whats Your A to B - Presented by Minnesota DOT.wmv

Where Do We Need to Regulate_Jurisdictional Highways - Presented by Clyde Johnson.pdf

Where Do We Need to Regulate_The Hwy Beautification Ave_Urban and Rural - Presented by Clyde Johnson.pdf