Committee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control

AASHTO Liaison
Casey Soneira, Program Manager for Engineering

Mission Statement

The committee shall review the laws and regulations of the Federal Government, member states and territories pertaining to public acquisition and management of real property for transportation related purposes. The committee will review issues related to the placement of utilities on highway rights-of-way. It shall provide a forum for the exchange of experiences, innovations and best practices; and will recommend such laws, rules, regulations, and procedures so as to improve the quality and efficiency of Right of Way and Utility operating practices. The Right of Way process includes Right of Way Scoping/Mapping, Appraisal, Appraisal Review, Consultant Management, Relocation, Acquisition, Property Management, Condemnation Coordination and Management, and Program Management, including Local Public Agency coordination and certification. The Utilities process includes Utility Coordination, Utility Relocation, Utility Accommodation, Subsurface Utility Engineering and Utility Pole Safety.

The committee may establish liaison relationships with appropriate offices of the Federal Highway Administration and such other entities having a role and responsibility in the area of Right of Way and Utilities.

The committee shall work cooperatively with other AASHTO committees and subcommittees and shall report to the  Council on Highways and Streets on its actions, publications, recommendations, and resolutions promoting the general purpose of the Association. Each Member Department shall be entitled to membership, however, in those states where the Right of Way and Utilities function report to different organizational units, the state shall designate one (1) voting member on the committee.