CRUO Surveys – 2011-2018

Date Title Subject Requested By
11/7/2018 Secondary Routes to AASHTO Utilities Utilities MI
8/24/2018 Customer Service Right of Way CA
8/8/2018 Early Acquisitions Right of Way CA
8/6/2018 Uncased Utility Crossings Under Roads Utilities DE
8/1/2018 Wireless Lease Rates Utilities WA
8/1/2018 COTS Systems Right of Way MI
7/31/2018 Sharing Data and Relocation Benefits Right of Way CO
7/30/2018 Highway Routes Backlog Right of Way IA
7/30/2018 State Law Revision Right of Way AZ
7/29/2017 Electronic Permitting Utilities OH
4/27/2017 Rental Payments Right of Way AK
3/8/2017 Excess Property Utilities MI
1/12/2017 Electronic Permitting Follow-Up Right of Way OH
12/21/2016 Appraisers Right of Way AL
11/28/2016 Utility Definition Utilities MT
11/18/2016 MAP-21 Compliance Right of Way AK
10/28/2016 Qualifications for Right of Way Appraisers Right of Way AK
10/27/2016 Addressing NEPA Clearances Right of Way MN
10/3/2016 Microcell/Small Cell/Distributed Antenna System Utilities TECH COUNCIL
9/23/2016 Acquisition and Relocation of Reverse Mortgage Properties Right of Way UT
9/12/2016 Selling Excess Property Using an On-line Website Utilities MI
9/9/2016 Proximity Right of Way WI
9/6/2016 Temporary Easements Right of Way CA
8/9/2016 Using Fee Review Appraisers Right of Way WA
8/8/2016 Appraisals Outside of the Department Right of Way MO
7/29/2016 Electronic Permitting Utilities OH
7/28/2016 Right of Way Questions Right of Way AK
7/1/2016 Acquiring Right of Way Right of Way AK
6/9/2016 Wireless Small Cell Antennas Utilities SC
5/27/2016 Legislation and/or Innovative Practices Related to Utility Relocation Delay Claims Utilities MD
5/26/2016 Process of Design/Build Requires the ROW Right of Way MD
3/24/2016 Statute Updates for MAP-21 Right of Way AK
3/8/2016 Encroachments Right of Way NM
1/30/2016 ADA Requirements vs. Utility Facilities Utilities TECH COUNCIL
1/26/2016 Utility Joint Trench Accommodations Utilities TECH COUNCIL
1/19/2016 Regulations or Policies Regarding Acquisitions from Agency Employees Right of Way DE
1/8/2016 Utility Accommodation Exceptions Utilities TX
1/8/2016 Appraisal Review Right of Way AK
12/15/2015 Process of Reviewing Policies and Fee Structures Right of Way OH
12/10/2015 Acquiring ROW on Behalf of Utilities Companies Right of Way NC
11/19/2015 Privacy and Confidential Information When Performing Right of Way Acquisition and Relocation Activity Right of Way MN
10/22/2015 Revenue Sharing Utilities UT
10/22/2015 Alternative Transportation Facilities Within Right of Way Right of Way GA
6/29/2015 Billboard Permit Procedures Outdoor Advertising AR
6/23/2015 Specific Roadway and Bridge Projects Utilities MA
6/3/2015 Management Classification and Allocation ROW/Utilities/OA OR
5/18/2015 Use of RFID Technology for Utilities Relocations Utilities DE
5/7/2015 Disposal of Excess Property Right of Way RI
5/7/2015 Incentive Payments for Property Owners and/or Displaces Impacted by Transportation Projects Right of Way CA
3/26/2015 Right of Way Appraisal and Acquisition of Contaminated Property Right of Way VA
1/13/2015 Communications/Utilization of Fiber in Right of Way Right of Way IA
12/30/2014 Right of Way Retrieval System and Plans Right of Way PA
12/17/2014 Right of Way Property Management Right of Way TECH COUNCIL
12/9/2014 Contract/Consultant Right of Way Property Acquisition Negotiations Right of Way ID
11/24/2014 State Owned Structures/Management Company Utilities MO
10/28/2014 Electronic Signatures Right of Way MT
9/30/2014 Right of Way Cost Estimates Right of Way AZ
9/19/2014 Releasing Easements and Research Right of Way MD
9/19/2014 Time-and-Material vs. Firm-Fix Price Contract Utilities GA
9/19/2014 Utility Relocation Environmental Permitting Utilities DE
9/18/2014 Process for Estimating Right of Way Costs Right of Way NH
7/21/2014 Managing the Risks of Letting with Exceptions Right of Way/Utilities IN
7/7/2014 Acquisition of Railroad Parcels Previously Leased by DOTs Right of Way CO
6/16/2014 Conditional Right of Way Certifications Right of Way CA
5/20/2014 Minimum Offers of Compensation for Acquisitions Right of Way NH
5/20/2014 Acquisition Within the Boundaries of a Home Owners’ Association Right of Way AZ
4/8/2014 Right of Way Program – Performance Measures Right of Way CA
3/15/2014 Energy Corridor Valuations and Losses Right of Way NH
3/14/2014 Surplus Property on LPA Projects Right of Way NH
3/10/2014 Acquisition and Relocation of Reverse Mortgage Properties Right of Way KY
2/19/2014 Laws Regarding Protected Transportation Corridors and Maps Right of Way NC
1/20/2014 Property Surveys and Replacement of Impacted Markers/Monuments Right of Way DE
1/3/2014 Gas Transmission Lines in State Right of Way Right of Way/Utilities ME
1/2/2014 Program Management and Acquisition Right of Way TECH COUNCIL
12/12/2013 Cell Tower Installation Utilities TN
11/19/2013 Right of Way Databases Right of Way AZ
11/16/2013 DOT First Input on Buy America ROW/Utilities/OA ALL
9/17/2013 Right of Way Certificates and Clearances Right of Way VT
8/19/2013 Staffing vs. Fee Appraisers Right of Way NH
8/7/2013 Colonial Pipeline Co. – Loss of Revenue Utilities NC
8/6/2013 Geospatial Data Collection – Permitted Utility Installations Utilities MI
7/5/2013 FHWA Authorization for LPA Project Lacking Dominant Property Rights Right of Way MS
6/19/2013 Compensation to Utility of Annual Railroad Permit Fee Utilities AK
6/19/2013 Alternative Delivery Methods – Right of Way Manual Guidelines Right of Way AZ
6/17/2013 Relocation of Customer-Owned Utility Facility Utilities PA
6/3/2013 Acquisition of Railroad Owned Property for Highway Projects Right of Way AK
5/15/2013 Buy American Language in Railroad Construction Agreements Right of Way CA
5/1/2013 Real Estate Service Fees for Consultant Work Right of Way OH
2/14/2013 Outdoor Advertising Signs Outdoor Advertising OR
11/2/2012 Use of State Licensed/Certified Appraisers Right of Way WI
10/25/2012 FHWA Buy America Provisions Utilities CA
10/2/2012 “Call Before You Dig” Service Providers Utilities NV
10/2/2012 Completion of Waiver Valuations Right of Way IL
9/28/2012 Municipal Utility Relocations and Easements Utilities SC
9/14/2012 Universal E-Permitting Process Right of Way OH
8/31/2012 Property Acquisition from Unwilling Sellers Right of Way MD
8/22/2012 Legal Challenges to Hardship or Early Acquisition Programs Right of Way NC
8/17/2012 Appraiser Selection and Payment Methods Right of Way WI
8/17/2012 Recording of Encroachments Right of Way AZ
8/15/2012 Acquisition Process Timing Right of Way MN
7/31/2012 Single Source Authority for Appraisal/Valuation Matters Right of Way WY
7/30/2012 State DOT Loan to Dispalcee for Replacement Property Right of Way CO
7/20/2012 NRHP Acquisition Scenario – Handling of Total Compensation Right of Way FL
7/17/2012 Acquisition and Relocation of Homeless Shelter Right of Way KY
2/29/2012 Landowner Surveys After Acquisition Right of Way MT
12/29/2011 Acquisition of Property Subject to Scenic Easements Right of Way ME
12/22/2011 Property Leased for Oil and Gas Production Right of Way OH
12/13/2011 Application Fee for Disposal of Surplus Property for Outside Party Right of Way GA
11/29/2011 Utilizing Right of Way to Generate Revenue Right of Way GA
11/15/2011 Oversight of Title Opinions/Issues, Condemnation Actions, Outdoor Advertising and Utility Relocation ROW/Utilities/OA AR
9/7/2011 State Fixed Residential Moving Costs Schedules Right of Way MN