Committee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control

AASHTO Liaison
Casey Soneira, Program Manager for Engineering
Marlon Spinks , AASHTO Engineering Fellow

2020 AASHTO CRUO Annual Meeting


registration details will be posted soon

2017 Indianapolis, IN

2017 AASHTO ROWUOAC Annual Meeting

April 30-May 4, 2017 | Indianapolis, Indiana | Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Downtown


AASHTO GIS Presentation 2017

AASHTO Skills of a good utility coordinator docx 4-28-17 FINAL

APL Training Webinar Key Points AZeciri 3_31_2017

Locating Technologies CGA 2017 AZeciri

2.03 – What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been – INDOT’s Evolving OAC Program – Mark Tidd – 5.1.17

2.04 Local Project Session Mike Hoy

2.05 – Appraisal FHWA Research Project Updates – 5-1-17

2.05 – RW Appraisal Sampler Improving the Process – McCall – 5-1-17

2.06 NAHBA How Bright Is It

2.07-Apparent Right of Way-Donald West-4-26-17

2.09 – Coordination Success Using Innovative Approaches – Vineeta Jayaram – 5-1-17

2.09 – Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute (UESI) – Jim Anspach – 5-1-17

3.02 – Moving Forward Post MAP-21 and FAST Act – Melissa Staffeld – 5-2-17

3.03 – ROW Consultants & DOT Partnering – Faith Roland – 5-2-17

3.05 – Case Law Update – Barbara Wessinger – 5.2.17

3.05 – Inverse Condemnation (Andy Frohardt) 5.2.17

3.07 – SUE Equipment Panel – Jacob Sheehan – 4-17-17

3.08-UT Coord Best Practices -Pitchford,Mem,Rezendes

4.01-UT Challenges Birmgham – RLee

4.02 – Billboard Valuation Techniques – Chad Root – 5.3.17

4.02 – Billboard Valuation Techniques – Michael McCall – 5.3.17

4.03-ARROW-Bob Cunningham-4-24-17

4.03-SET IT AT ZERO-Bob Cunningham-4-24-17

4.03-When Your Front Porch is a Bridge-Todd Pelletier-5-3-17

4.04 – Microcellular Treatment in ROW – Todd May – 5-3-17

4.05 – Monetizing the Right of Way – Todd May – 5-3-17

4.06 – A Reed In The Wind or Wandering In A Dark Woods – Ron Johnson – 5-3-17

4.06 – WM D BRINTON, Constitutionality of State Outdoor Advertising Acts

4.07 – Relocation Challenges Round Table – Bob Cunningham – 5.3.17

4.09 – Why We Do What We Do – Andy Frohardt – 4.13.17

4.09 – Why We Do What We Do – Brooks Glasnapp – 4.13.17

4.11 – Excess Land and Disposition Process – Michael Keuhl – 5-3-17

4.11 AASHTO – Property Inventory and Surplus Property Disposal 2017-2


4.11 Excess Land

4.12 – Effective Utility Coordination – D Gransberg

4.13 – Utility Accommodation and Safety TC Presentation – 5-3-2017

4.15 – OAC Technical Council Update and ANPRM – Barbara Wessinger – 5.3.17

2016 Orlando, FL


May 1-5, 2016 | Orlando, Florida | the Rosen Centre Hotel


1.03 – AASHTO TC OUTDOOR ADVERTISING CONTROL – Spalla Wessinger – 5-1-16.pdf

2.03 – Legislative Initiatives – Melissa Staffeld – 5-2-16.pdf

2.03 – Legislative Initiatives – NAHBA Presentation – Brooks Glasnapp – 5-2-16.pdf

2.04 – Project – Ultimate I-4 – 5-2-16.pdf

2.04 – Project – Ultimate I-4 – Constructability Sequences_I4+408 Flyovers.pdf

2.04 – Project – Ultimate I-4 – Loreen Bobo – 5-2-16 [Recovered].pdf

2.05 – Property Management – Legal, Innovative Uses of ROW – Lily Oliver – 5-2-16.pdf

2.05 – Property Management – Legal, Innovative Uses of ROW – Palicka and Jones – 5-2-16.pdf

2.07 – Coordinating with Move Planners and LPAs – Dianna Nausley – 5-2-16.pdf

3.02 – Florida OA Program – NAHBA – Jeff Caster – 5-2-16.pdf

3.04 – Addressing Utility Conflicts with Major Design Build Projects – Vinnie LaVallette – 5-2-16.pdf

3.05 – Where are we going with Utility Mapping – Carlo Pilia – 5-3-16.pdf

3.07 – Appraisal Challenges w Design Build – Eric Murray – 5-3-16.pdf

3.07 – Appraisal Challenges w Design Build – John Navratil – 5-3-16.pdf

3.09 – 3D Soft Clash – Constructability – Curt Fakler – 5-3-16.pdf

3.09 – 3D Soft Clash – Introduction – Richard Manser – 5-3-16.pdf

3.09 – 3D Soft Clash – Physical-Design – Dave Hausmann – 5-3-16.pdf

3.10 – Utility Accommodation Policies – Matt Reynolds – 5-3-16.pdf

3.10 – Utility Accommodation Policies – Rhonda Wiest – 5-3-16.pdf

3.10 – Utility Accommodation Policies -Keri Bohlmann – 5-3-16.pdf

4.01 – Micro Cell Sites – Lee Upkins – 5-4-16.pdf

4.01 – Micro Cell Sites – Tom Bane – 5-4-16.pdf

4.03 – Property Management – Dare You to Buy It – Kristin White – 5-4-16.pdf

4.03 – Property Management – Dare You to Buy It – Matthiesen – 5-4-16.pdf

4.03 – Property Management – Dare You to Buy It – Sundermeyer – 5-4-16.pdf

4.04 – SHRP2 – Utility Conflict Management – Kentucky Experience – Jennifer McCleve – 5-4-16.pdf

4.04 – SHRP2 – Utility Conflict Management – Maryland Experience – Nelson Smith – 5-4-16.pdf

4.06 – AASHTOWare Outdoor Advertising Control – McDaniels and Schofield – 5-4-16.pdf

4.08 – 4D-5D Technologies in Utility Relocations – Matt Craft – 5-4-16.pdf

4.10 – FHWA Update – Dawn Horan – 5-4-16.pdf

4.11 – Training Qualifications of Appraisers – John Brennan – 5-4-16.pdf

4.11 – Training Qualifications of Appraisers – Marla Britton – 5-4-16.pdf

4.11 – Training Qualifications of Appraisers – York Mills – 5-4-16.pdf

4.12 – Unique Relocation Situations – What Can We Learn – Bob Cunningham – 5-4-16.pdf

4.12 – Unique Relocation Situations – What Can We Learn – Joe Gray – 5-4-16.pdf

4.15 – Innovation in Utility Coordination – Jan Ash – 5-4-16.pdf

4.15 – Innovation in Utility Coordination – Natalie Parks – 5-4-16.pdf

4.15 – Innovation in Utility Coordination – Parks and Sarl – City of Carmel Bond Program – 5-4-16.pdf

4.15 – Innovation in Utility Coordination – Parks and Sarll – 5-4-16.pdf

4.15 – Innovation in Utility Coordination – Tom Bane – 5-4-16.pdf

4.16 – LPAs – Appraisal Waivers – Russ Nelson – 5-4-16.pdf

4.17 – Preparing for an OAC Process Review – What Does FHWA Expect of Me – Dawn Horan – 5-4-16.pdf

4.18 – Utilities Technical Council – Nelson Smith – 5-4-16.pdf

5.01 – ROWUOAC Closing Session – Utilities – 5-5-16.pdf

2015 Minneapolis, MN

Thanks for attending the 2015 AASHTO Subcommittee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control Conference

April 26-30, 2015 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Presentations are below:

AASHTO Demographic Data.pdf

AASHTOWare ROW Outdoor Advertising Control Software Developed by DOTs for DOTS-TX-presented by Molina, Anthony.pdf

Advanced ODA Topic Discussion-Consultant Services Inc-presented by Johnson, Clyde.pdf

Alternative Delivery Methods rev2015-GA-presented by Byers, Troy.pdf

Appraisal of Temporary and Permanent Easements-GA-presented by Byers,Troy.pdf

Best Practices Conveyance Approval Process-MN-presented by Bailey, Jennie.pdf

Best Practices of Disposal Processes-FL-presented by Jeffers, Joseph.pdf

Cost Recovery and Revenue Neutral Programs-Panelists are Keith Melvin SC, Wendy Knox TX, and Brooks Glasnapp IA REVISED.pdf

Demolition Oregon ROW-OR-presented by Hall.pdf

Directional Drilling-SC-presented by Attaway, Mark.pdf

FHWA Local Project Peer Exchange-FHWA GA-presented by Price, Neosha.pdf

Form-ROW-SWP-1 Lease ApplicationFinal (2).pdf

Fracking Industry and Saltwater Pipeline in the Odessa District-TX-presented by Law and Holland.pdf

Getting the Best Long-Term Use of Utility Data-Cardno-presented by Anspach, Pitchford.pdf

Horizontal Directional Drilling-Mears Group-presented by Halderman, Ron.pdf

Implementing Utilities in Construction Contracts-MA-presented by Rezendes, Guy.pdf

Inspection and Oversight of Utility Work within Hwy ROW-DE-presented by Cimo, Eric.pdf

Inspection and Oversight of Utility Work Within Hwy ROW-GA-presented by Upkins, Lee.pdf

Jennifer McCleeve Notes for AASHTO Technical Council Presentation.pdf

LambertAASHTO -Kelo et al.pdf

MN Regulatory Changes Post Kelo-MN-presented by Lambert.pdf

Out of the Box Compliance and Pre-Hearing Resolutions-SC-presented by Johnson, Melvin.pdf

Outdoor Advertising Case Law Update-MN-presented by White, Kristin.pdf

Outdoor Advertising Case Law Update-SC-presented by Wessinger, Barbara.pdf

Property Management Income Generation-OR-presented by Stone, Mike.pdf

Property Mngmt Best Practices of Disposal Processes-Jeffers.pdf

Proposed Final Rule for Disposal of Real Property Interests 23 CFR Part 710-FHWA Realty-presented by Millard, Melani.pdf

Prosperity Equals Problems Whats New in Oil Country-ND-presented by Knox, Michael.pdf

Relocation Appeals Process-WI-presented by Walbrun, Kassandra.pdf

Relocation Appeals Process-WV-presented by Moran, Mike.pdf

Right of Way Demolition V Hwy Contractor-TN-presented by Hoge, Jeff.pdf

Risk Analysis and Mitigation a New Beginning-HDR Engineering-presented by McNamara, Shannon.pdf

Scenic America NAHBA-Scenic America-presented by Tracy, Mary.pdf

Scope of Work-TN-presented by Turner, Rhett.pdf Billboard Picture.pdf

St. Croix Crossing Project-MN-presented by Anderson,Clarkowski.pdf

Transformation from Re-Active to Pro-Active Disposal Model-GA-presented by Copeland, Phil.pdf

US 41 US 41 Corridor Utility Coordination-WI and Becher Hoppe-presented by Kowal, Pawelczyk and McDonald.pdf

USPAP-SRF-presented by Britton, Marla.pdf

Utah Waiver Pilot Program Update-UT-presented by McMillan, Lyle.pdf

Utility Coordination on Mega Projects-Parsons Transportation Group and IN-presented by Shell and Franklin.pdf

Utility Project Scoping and Coordination Technical Council-KY-presented by Ditty, McCleve.pdf

Welcome to Minnesota.pdf

What and Who Determines Appraiser is Qualified in Our Program-FHWA Real Estate MD-presented by Jones, Mike.pdf

Wisconsin Demolition Process-WI-presented by Krause, Mark.pdf

2014 Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks for attending the 2014 AASHTO Subcommittee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control Conference

April 27 – May 1, 2014 Salt Lake City, UT.

Presentations are below. You may also access these and meeting pictures on Google Drive.

3D Utility Survey Pilot Project Program – Presented by Norman Pawelczyk.pdf

AASHTO Update and Priorities – Presented by King Gee.pdf

Abandoned Facility Management – Presented by James Anspach.pdf

Accommodating Broadband Infrastructure on Hwy ROW – Presented by Andy Spurgeon.pdf

Accommodating Broadband Infrastructure on Hwy ROW_ The Utah Model – Presented by Lynne Yocom.pdf

Accreditation and Licensing Research – Presented by Mark Rieck.pdf

Alternative Acquisition and Delivery Methods – Presented by Dave Leighow.pdf

A-Typical Relocation Challenges – Presented by Lisa Harrison.pdf

Conflict Avoidance and Alternatives_Avoiding Conflicts w. Utility Relocations – Presentd by Terra Technologies.pdf

Consultant Utilization for Appraisal and Valuation Services – Presented by Phil Copeland.pdf

Dallas County Detention Center – Presented by Robert Harwood.pdf

Database and Management Systems_REALMS and REALMS GIS – Presented by Joseph Pignato.pdf

Databases and Management Systems – Presented by Shirleen Hancock.pdf

Early Acquisitions Associated with The I-10 Expansion Study – Presented by Paula Gibson and Dave Edwards.pdf


FHWA Headquarters Update – Presented by Virgil Pridemore.pdf

FHWA Research Study_Reverse Mortgages in Relocation Assistance – Presented by Lisa Barnes.pdf

FHWA Resource Center and Headquarters Training.pdf

FHWA’s 2014 Excellence in ROW Awards – Presented by Arnold Feldman.pdf

FHWA’s 2014 Excellence in Utility Awards – Presented by Ken Leuderalbert.pdf

How and Why Do We Make Revisions to State and Federal Agreements – Presented by Clyde Johnson.pdf

How and Why Do We Make Revisions to State and Federal Agreements – Presented by Wendy Knox.pdf

Next Generation Utilities _3D Modeling – Presented by Cesar Quiroga.pdf

One Call_The Good, Bad, and Ugly – Presented by David Cole.pdf

Optimizing Multi-Use Leadership in the 21st Century – Presented by Doug Nielsen.pdf

Process to Maintain an Approved Appraiser List – Presented by Dave Holland.pdf

Real Estate Inventory and GIS Database – Presented by Hubert Graves.pdf

Regulation of Nonconforming Signs – Presented by Clyde Johnson.pdf

ROW Acquisition Using a CMGC Contracting Approach – Presented by Ed Rock.pdf

ROW Acquisition Using a CMGC Contracting Delivery Approach.pdf

ROW Consultant Process – Presented by Dean Loy.pdf

ROW Consultant Services – Presented by John Eckhardt.pdf

Scenic America_1965 Hwy Beautification Act – Presented by Margaret Lloyd.pdf

Staff Recruitment and Retention.pdf

Staffing Strategies_Hybrid Centralized and De-Centralized – Presented by Phil Copeland.pdf

Sustainability – Presented by Gary Young.pdf

TDOT Implementation of Senate Bill 514_Permian Basin Experience – Presented by Gary Lay.pdf

TDOT ROW Alignment – Presented by John Campbell.pdf

The Anatomy of Utility Coordination – Presented by Scott Riddle.pdf

Training Opportunities – Presented by Dave Leighow.pdf

Transforming from Reactive to Proactive Programs – Presented by James Olschewski and Kimberly O’Reilly.pdf

Transforming from Reactive to Proactive Sales of Surplus Property – Presented by Jim Spalla.pdf

UDOT Strategic Goals and Emphasis Areas- Presented by Shane Marshall.pdf

UDOT Utility and Railroad Coordination w. Consultant Utilization.pdf

UDOT Utility Management and Innovative Contracting Strategy – Presented by Philip Meis.pdf

Unique Relocations_Mobile Home Parks.pdf

Updates on Utility and ROW Research – Presented by Cesar Quiroga.pdf

Utility Accommodation During Bridge Reconstruction – Presented by American U-Tel.pdf

Utility Accommodation During Bridge Reconstruction_Hold In Place In Lieu of Relocation – Presented by American U-Tel.pdf

Utility Environmental Impacts – Presented by Tom Bane.pdf

Utility Relocation Costs – Presented by Todd Jones.pdf

What Does Commercial and Industrial Mean to NAHBA Today – Presented by Clyde Johnson.pdf

Whats Your A to B – Presented by Minnesota DOT.wmv

Where Do We Need to Regulate_Jurisdictional Highways – Presented by Clyde Johnson.pdf

Where Do We Need to Regulate_The Hwy Beautification Ave_Urban and Rural – Presented by Clyde Johnson.pdf

2013 Savannah, GA

AASHTO Subcommittee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Controls Co​nference​​ & NAHBA’s 16th Annual Educational Conference on the Control of Outdoor Advertising

Sunday, April 14 – Thursday, April 18, 2013 |Savannah, Georgia

Final Agenda:

2013 RoW_U Mtg Agenda_final web_v3.pdf2013 RoW_U Mtg Agenda_final web_v3.pdf

Attendee List:

2013 AASHTO-NAHBA Attendee List (4-13).pdf2013 AASHTO-NAHBA Attendee List (4-13).pdf

All Bios:

All Bios.pdfAll Bios.pdf


2012 Portland, OR

AASHTO Subcommittee on Right of Way and Utilities Conference

April 29 – May 3, 2012, Portland, Oregon

Conference Agenda
2012 Excellence in Right-of-Way Awards.ppt
Presenter Biographies

Session Presentations

#1 Columbia River Crossing Project.ppt
Speakers:  Ann Pressentin- No formal presentation
Mike Palazzo- No formal presentation
Casey Liles- No formal presentation

#2 Utilities Director Meeting.ppt

#3 R/W Breakout- Turbo Relocation
:  Vicki Schofield.ppt
                  Dan Smith.ppt
                  James Braden.ppt

#4 Columbia River Crossing Project.ppt

#5 Utilities Consultant Roundtable
:  Jeff Sowers.ppt
                 Monica Silver.ppt

#6 Updating Utilities Relocation Policy
Jeff Sowers and Marilyn Remer.ppt
                 Scott Riddle.ppt

# 7 IRWA: Everyone Touches Pipelines
Douglas Sipe.ppt

#8 Directors Meeting- Right of Way and FHWA.ppt

#9 Transit Systems:(Light Rail, Bus Rapid Transit, etc.) Best Practices
David Leighow.ppt
                 Roger Hansen and Mike Palazzo.ppt

#10 Outsource of Utility Coord.: State Perspective
Drew Markewicz and Eileen Sien
                 Robert Memory.ppt

#11 Perfomance Measures- Right of Way
Frank “Gus” Kretschmer.ppt
                 Phil Copeland.ppt
                 John Boals.ppt

#12 Research and Scans: NCHRP 20-84, NCHRP 20-68A: Domestic Scan 10-1, “Corridor Management” Review of Ongoing Research
Jerri Bohard and Matt DeLong.ppt
                 Cesar Quiroga.ppt

#13 Alternative Uses of the Right of Way
Mike Stone.ppt
                 Brent Green.ppt

#14 TRB Session: Utilities Research, Training,   and Innovative Ideas
:  Jay Lindly.ppt
                       Edgar Kraus.ppt
                 Drew Markewicz.ppt
                 John Campbell- No formal presentation

#15 Relocation: “Have You Heard? FHWA Has a New Office!”- Actual Direct Loss of Tangible Personal Property, Landlord Businesses, Incentive Payments
Marshall Wainwright.ppt
                 Craig Anderson.ppt
                 Lisa Harrison- No formal presentation
Dianna Nausley.ppt 

#16 Outdoor Advertising- The Next Five Years: New Billboard Technology, Building Wraps, Mobile Advertising, Oregon Supreme Court Ruling
Mike Kirby.ppt
                 Cheryl Cathey.ppt
                 Myron Laible and Kerry Yoakum.ppt

#17 New SUE Technologies: Coupling New Geophysics for Utilities and Geotech Data
Jim Anspach and Michael Hartford.ppt

#18 Right of Way and Utilities Integration into NEPA/ Delivery Process
Cesar Quiroga.ppt
                 Nelson Castellanos.ppt
                 David Brown.ppt

#19 Valuation Issues: Appraisal Review- What and Why; Appraisal Contracts- Quality and Delivery; Recent Activities if the Appraisal Foundation
Michael McCall, MAI.ppt
                 Casey Overcamp and Steve Fox.ppt
                 Brian Glanville, MAI, CRE, FRICS.ppt

#20 Outdoor Advertising- How to Conduct an ODA Process Review
:  David Leighhow
                Matt DeLong- No formal presentation
Juanice Hughes- No formal presentation

#21 “Buy America” – Applying it to Utilities
:  Ken Leuderalbert
                Ray Lorello

#22 Besign Build: Addressing Right of Way
:  Leigh Enger and Brice Paris
                Troy Byers and Michele Palicka
                Don Toner

#23 Issues in Acquisitions and Program Management
:  Wesley Loetz
                Paul Saucedo

#24 Outdoor Advertising- Nonconforming Signs and Vegetation Control
:  Gus Cannon- Nonconforming Signs
                 Gus Cannon- Vegetation Control
                 Joanna Campbell
                 Nelson Castellanos- No formal presentation

#25 One Call and 811: Lessons Learned
Mark Palma
                 Jesse Cooper

#26 Design Build: How are Utilities Addressed
  Terry Brigman
                 Scott Riddle
                 Gus Kretschmer

#27 Right of Way Areas of Focus in Depressed Funding
  Robert Wright- No formal presentation
Wesley Loetz- No formal presentation
Mike Stensberg- No formal presentation
Gina Anthony- No formal presentation

#28 Outdoor Advertising- Roundtable Discussion

#29 Information Clearinghouse for Utilities: National Database
Speakers: Paul Scott
                Keith Platte
                Larry Ditty

2011 St. Louis, MO

Joint Meeting for Subcommittee on Design & Subcommittee on Right of Way and Utilities

May 2011, St. Louis, Missouri

Agenda,  PicturesPresentations,  Speaker bios