Committee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control (CRUO)

AASHTO Liaison
Casey Soneira, Program Manager for Engineering

Technical Council on Right of Way Engineering (RE)

About Technical Council on Right of Way Engineering

This TC is the newest member of the CRUO family and was formed when needs were recognized to address the gaps between Real Estate and Engineering teams. Right of Way Engineering serves as the go-between from design to real estate. Members of Right of Way Engineering staff are not always PEs, but they have design experience. Similarly, members of Right of Way Engineering are not always real estate agents, but they understand the need for proper documentation. Right of Way Engineering staff confirms land ownership and encumbrances, verifies ownership of the road right of way, and reviews designs for constructability. When Right of Way Engineering is consistently addressed throughout a project, DOTs can reasonably expect to move smoothly through the submittal process, without the bottleneck delays currently experienced by many state agencies.

The Technical Council on Right of Way Engineering recognizes the individuality of each DOT. Members of the TC discuss commonly found problems and present multiple practical solutions for each. The DOT can then review and implement the processes that best suit their needs.

To keep a finger on the pulse of technology, TC conversations also include sharing tips and tricks, plus introduce new innovations and methods. What one DOT does every day may be brand new for another. As new advancements take hold, the TC looks to its members to share their experiences.

The Technical Council on Right of Way Engineering exists to support those who create/review/utilize RW plans, regardless of the DOT staff assigned to the task. Ultimately, the strategies established in this Technical Council will be a practical resource for DOTs looking to streamline the process between concept and construction.

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