Committee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control (CRUO)

AASHTO Liaison
Casey Soneira, Program Manager for Engineering

Technical Subcommittee on Utilities (TSU)


As state highway transportation officials and professionals, our mission is to facilitate and manage transportation systems.  Towards that goal, we provide subject matter expertise and facilitate professional dialog on matters involving transportation and utility facilities among members of DOT’s, FHWA and the utility industry.  We provide a collaborative and ever advancing forum among AASHTO members on the issues of policy and practice for the effective accommodation, management, and interaction of transportation system elements with utility facilities in accordance with State and Federal code, law, regulation and guidance.

Our Objectives

  1. Provide points of focus via technical councils containing specialized expertise to analyze issues, identify research deficits and provide technical guidance for effective interaction of state transportation infrastructure and utility infrastructure
  2. Review, develop, and recommend AASHTO positions, guides, policies, and standards pertaining to utilities for consideration to the AASHTO Highway Committee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control and for the AASHTO organization;
  3. Support and assist states by identifying and sharing advances in technology, practice and standards in transportation and utility interactions, always considering critical factors such as time, funds, and personnel;
  4. Encourage innovation in all of the above objectives but not at the expense of integrity, effectiveness, consistency, and efficiency.

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CRUO-Utilities Technical Subcommittee
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The following documents are here for reference purposes. They will be updated periodically. For the most up-to-date status of ongoing research, please visit the NCHRP Website.

Utility Research Projects – Summary of NCHRP research projects related to Utilities